2015 Legislative Priorities
The most important land use issues for Oregon in the 2015 legislature involved meeting the challenges of the 21st Century: Will we embrace these as opportunities for Oregon and Oregonians to prosper or simply react with inadequate responses of the last century? As always, 1000 Friends' legislative agenda in 2015 was aimed at improving our communities – the neighborhoods where we live, work, and play – and the working and natural landscapes that define our sense of place. 

Click here to read about our 2015 legislative priorities. 

2015 Testimony
At 1000 Friends, a significant part of our programmatic work involves testifying at hearings and delivering presentations to diverse audiences. To learn more about our legislative testimonies in 2015, click here

2015 Mid-Session Update
Where did things at the halfway mark of the Oregon 2015 legislative session? Find out here. 

Land Use Highlights and Lowlights of the 2015 Oregon Legislative Session
The 2015 Oregon legislative session proved to be quite active on land use issues. 1000 Friends staff tracked more than 300 bills and testified on dozens of them. Your financial support enabled us to be in Salem, working closely with allied groups and legislators to defend and improve the land use program. Together, we were able top ass a few improvements and defeat many threats to the land use program. Read the full 2015 legislative session recap here

Department of Land Conservation and Development: 2015 Legislative Report
Want to dig deeper? Check out the 2015 legislative report from the Department of Land Conservation and Development. The report was prepared as  brief for the Land Conservation and Development Commission and focuses on legislation enacted in the 2015 session, including legislation affecting land use or the department, legislation introduced on behalf of the department concerning population forecasting and the urban growth boundary process, and other legislative matters of interest to the commission.