Your Favorite Oregon Main Streets

Oregon has many towns and neighborhoods with great Main Streets, but when Travel + Leisure magazine recently wrote about "America's 25 Greatest Main Streets", they forgot to include any of them.  To fix this oversight, we asked you to tell us about your favorite Oregon Main Street.

We received many fantastic responses, from historic towns like Baker City (left) to urban neighborhoods such as Belmont in Portland (right).  Geographically, they range from Ashland (center) to Astoria, from Pendleton to Florence.  You can see all the Main Streets that recieved votes on the map below, along with pictures and some of your best quotes about what makes these Main Streets special. 

Don't see your favorite Main Street here, or have something more to say about it? Vote for it here!

Photo by Timothy Bishop

Photo by Flickr user dolanh

Photo by Flckr user Katherine H

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Main Streets like these are important in making Cool Communities: vibrant, healthy places for Oregonians to live, work and play.  You can read more about our work on Cool Communities here.