Bringing Better Biking and Walking to Bend

Our Central Oregon Advocate, Pam Hardy, is working with a diverse group of Bend residents, businesses, nonprofit partners, and elected officials to make the city safer for everyone, regardless of how they're getting around.

Called "Bend Bikes", the grassroots effort will help the City of Bend identify needed bike and pedestrian projects that will give residents and visitors more healthy transportation choices, improve safety on downtown streets, and reduce greenhouse gas pollution.

As KTVZ reported recently, Bend has received substantial grants for major bicycle projects on downtown Bend's Riverside and Franklin streets. (Watch the report, featuring Pam, here.) In February, Bend Bikes held two open houses to consider how to make the plans work best for all kinds of riders. Based on what they heard, they are submitting public comments to help the City improve its plans.

See what the area looks like now, and what's proposed, in this cool video from Bend Bikes:

1000 Friends is committed to healthy, safe transportation options for all Oregonians. It is an important area for our work, one that can improve health and quality of life while also reducing air pollution. More than just painting bike lanes, though, it's about an integrated land use approach that makes it possible for more residents to avoid driving at least some of the time. That's the core of our Cool Communities work.

Learn more about what land use planning can do for this and many other issues at

Check out our Central Oregon regional page to see what else we're doing in the region, and check out Bend Bikes' home page to learn more about the group's work.