My Oregon Story: Matt Love

1000 Friends is excited to welcome Matt Love to our 2013 McCall Society Speaker Series. Matt will speak on Thursday, August 8, at the Lincoln City Cultural Center. Register for that event here.

Matt lives and teaches on the Oregon Coast, where he is also the publisher of Nestucca Spit Press. He has authored or edited ten books about Oregon, many of them exploring the history, beauty, and unique character of the Coast. His most recent, Of Walking in Rain, is a meditative and entertaining book "that assays the ubiquitous subject of rain in Oregon in as many ways as rain falls in Oregon." 

Matt has also recently been active in an effort to declare a state holiday honoring the birth of Governor Tom McCall.

We checked in with Matt and asked him to share his Oregon Story. 

Were you born in Oregon? What brought you here or keeps you here?

I grew up in Oregon City and have lived in Oregon most of my life. I have spent the last 16 years on the Oregon Coast and have come to really love Oregon because of the way previous generations and some visionary politicians protected our ocean beaches from privatization and prudery.

What is your favorite place in Oregon and why?

The beach is my favorite place. I go there two or three times a day and never pay a cent for the privilege. I do practically all my writing in my head when I'm walking the beach with my dog. It's all my church.

Why is 1000 Friends of Oregon and/or the land use program important to protecting what you love about Oregon?

There are always sinister forces at work to overdevelop the Oregon Coast or undermine the legacy of publicly-owned beaches. I count on 1000 Friends, other conservation organizations, and concerned citizens to remain vigilant and uphold the legacy.

What's your perfect vision for Oregon in 20 years?

All beach riprap gone. Five more state parks on the coast. More rain to slow development. A Governor who wants to define a conservation legacy for herself.

Describe Oregon in three words.

Free Ocean Beaches.

Meet Matt Love and hear his thoughts on the future of the Oregon Coast on Thursday, August 8, in Lincoln City. Learn more about this event here.

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