POSTPONED: 1000 Friends Welcomes Filmmaker John Waller for McCall Society Speaker Series Event in Bend

Update, October 11: 1000 Friends regrets that we must postpone this event due to circumstances beyond our control. We apologize for any inconvenience. For any questions, please contact Kristin Barber at or 503-497-1000.

Stars spinning in timelapse above Crater Lake or the Alvord Desert. Intrepid climbers making an unlikely trek from tree to tree in the Willamette Valley, without touching the ground. A stunning backcountry skiing expedition in the Wallowas, or the thrills of mountain biking just outside Bend.

This is the kind of stuff for which filmmaker John Waller, of Uncage the Soul Video Production, has become famous. His films have collected hundreds of thousands of views online and on OPB, and been screened at festivals all over the country.

And that’s just what he’s filmed in Oregon. Waller’s unique and innovative films have attracted him offers to film all over the world, from Fiji’s Turtle Island to health clinics in Uganda.

1000 Friends is pleased to host Waller in Bend on Thursday, October 25 for the final event in our 2012 McCall Society Speaker Series. The event will be held in the Riverbend Room at the Bend Parks and Recreation Building, 799 SW Columbia Street. Please see the above note. This event has been postponed.

Watching Waller’s work is like having instant access to some of the wildest and most beautiful places in Oregon. “Finding Oregon”, which he created with several colleagues, is but one example. (Watch it below.) The timelapse film was shared far and wide across the Internet when it was published, on sites from The Atlantic and Scientific American, to Daily Beast and Huffington Post. The short film, which has been viewed online well over 600,000 times, consists mostly of timelapse taken over six months of traveling around Oregon, including an epic 1600-mile roadtrip in September 2011. It provides a wholly original glimpse of Oregon’s spectacular and diverse beauty.

“Treeverse,” another of Waller’s works, chronicles the incredible journey of veteran tree climbers Brian French and Will Koomjian, who traveled nearly a kilometer above the Willamette Valley over five days in March 2011, traversing from oak tree to oak tree and carrying all of their gear as they crossed gaps of up to 100 feet. Waller’s work filming the climbers was almost as complicated, involving three crews and a wide range of technical equipment, including cranes, climbing equipment, and remote-control helicopters, as documented by an OPB/Oregon Field Guide crew that filmed the process. The beautiful film was selected for screening at the prestigious Banff Mountain Film Festival and the Dijon Adventure Film Festival in Dijon, France, among others.

Waller studied Environmental Science at Willamette University and Education at Portland State, and was a high school science teacher and rafting guide when he founded Uncage the Soul in 2004, though he has been making films for over two decades. A native Oregonian, Waller also gives back to the filmmaking community, serving as a regular instructor to aspiring filmmakers at NW Documentary and as Board President of Photo of the Year.

Watch the incredible Finding Oregon video below.

Finding Oregon from Uncage the Soul Productions on Vimeo.