EarthShare Oregon Makes Giving to 1000 Friends Easy

Threats to our natural world are growing, as are demands on the lands, water, food, energy and other resources people and wildlife need to thrive. As green as Oregon is, it's simply not enough. We need more people and businesses supporting the environmental movement. EarthShare Oregon is working to make that happen.

EarthShare Oregon is one way 1000 Friends engages people at their workplaces. Through its workplace giving programs, EarthShare is bringing new support to conservation organizations, both across Oregon and around the world. Through a single gift to EarthShare, you can easily support more than 70 of the best environmental organizations operating in Oregon today—or you can choose your favorites.

1000 Friends is a proud member of EarthShare Oregon. What does this mean to you? If you work for the State of Oregon, the Federal Government, Kaiser Permanente, NW Natural, PGE, or one of more than 100 employers, you can make a regular donation from your paycheck that benefits your favorite Oregon conservation groups, including 1000 Friends. EarthShare’s workplace and online giving options are easy ways for you to share responsibility for stewarding Oregon’s environmental legacy.

Please consider investing today through EarthShare to help Oregon plant more trees, recycle more waste, move more quickly to clean energy, protect more threatened land, and safeguard more clean water. Not only are you protecting Oregon’s environmental legacy, but you’re inviting and inspiring others to share in that responsibility.

If your workplace is not currently involved in an EarthShare giving campaign, establishing one is easy. EarthShare will work with your employer to set up a program that meets your company’s needs.

With your contribution through EarthShare, you can share in the responsibility for protecting Oregon’s natural legacy. For more information, please contact Jan Wilson at EarthShare: (503) 223-9015 or; or visit

Image credit: Eric May. Used and modified under Creative Commons License 2.0. (EarthShare logo added.)