Wins, Wastes, and What's Next: Recapping the 2013 Legislative Session

Like most legislative sessions, 2013 began and ended with a flurry of activity in Salem. Back in February, over 150 bills – good and bad – were introduced that pertained to land use planning, transportation, housing, agriculture, and other issues that 1000 Friends works on.

1KF in the News: Salem Bridge Looking Shaky, and Questions in McMinnville

The dangers of building a bridge on unstable foundations, and concerns about converting high-quality industrial land for a big box development in McMinnville: 1000 Friends has been active in the Willamette Valley lately.

Portland's Sewer Repairs: Evidence that More Extensive Is More Expensive

The Oregonian's Ryan Kost reports on Portland's massive project to replace aging sewers in several of its historic neighborhoods. With a price tag over $150 million, it's a good reminder that it's crucial to consider the long-term costs of infrastructure maintenance and upgrades in growth choices.

New 1000 Friends Report Explores the Full Costs of Sprawl

Entitled More Extensive Is More Expensive, our new report explores Oregon's growing fiscal burden from sprawl-related infrastructure. Using examples from around the nation, we suggest a more transparent approach that could savie Oregon communities millions.

Jason Miner in the Oregonian: Let's Discuss Real Options for Portland's Parking Debate

As Portland grows, parking has become a hot topic in neighborhoods where new apartments are being built. In an op-ed published by the Oregonian on September 26, our Executive Director explains why the debate needs to consider workable solutions, instead of a dichotomy between parking or no parking.

August Oregon Stories: Making Density Work, Stateline Lessons, and Land Use Is: Your Plate

Our Oregon Stories e-newsletter for August features new perspectives on quite a few things. From the attributes of good density, to the byways of eastern Oregon, to a renewed awareness of the importance of Oregon agriculture to the economy and what we eat.

Proposed Cully Park Will Create a Regional Gathering Place

Urban parks contribute to our quality of life. As centers of recreational play and personal enjoyment, urban parks or green spaces also provide refuge from city life and a place to reconnect with nature. Cully Park, a proposed 25-acre park at NE 75th and Killingsworth will create highly needed green space for neighbors and residents of the city at large.

Roseburg News-Review: Roseburg's Health Depends On Better Walkability

Roseburg News-Review
Wed, 06/27/2012 (All day)

After a visit from UCLA public health expert Dr. Richard Jackson last week, which was co-sponsored by 1000 Friends, the local paper has issued a strong editorial calling on local leaders to continue efforts to make Roseburg healthier by making it more walkable, and calling on residents to make healthy choices.

The News-Review editorial writes: 

Seeing Demographic Shifts, Developers Refocus

Oregonians' neighborhood and housing preferences are changing, and developers are taking notice. After decades of building low-density subdivisions and suburban garden apartments, smart builders are refocusing inside the urban growth boundary.

Jackson County Voters Reject Anti-Planning Initiatives on May Ballot

Jackson County voters resoundingly rejected two anti-planning initiatives on the May 15 ballot. 1000 Friends worked with local residents and partner organizations to defeat the measures, and celebrates the victory.

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