Jackson County Residents and Leaders Speak Out Against Anti-Planning Initiatives on May Ballot

Two Jackson County ballot intiatives that aim to revive the ghost of Measure 37 are provoking significant opposition from concerned farmers, residents, and leaders in the county. Even some who supported Measure 37 in 2004 have come out against the initiatives, the Mail Tribune reports.

Simple Math: Investing in Downtowns Creates More Value

Emily Badger
Atlantic Cities
Fri, 03/30/2012 (All day)

The more you consider the math, the more it's obvious: investing in downtowns and existing neighborhoods isn't just an expression of values, it's a creator of value. It's value that stays in the community and is reinvested again and again.

This is true for urban and suburban cities, and small towns across Oregon:

LCDC Remands McMinnville Urban Growth Boundary Expansion

On February 29, 2012, the Oregon Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) sent an excessive urban growth boundary expansion plan back to the City of McMinnville.

Newberg Graphic Editorial: Stop Unwarranted Attacks on Land Use Planning

Editorial Board
Newberg Graphic
Sat, 02/18/2012 (All day)

After a heated Newberg City Council meeting earlier this month, in which several members of the City Council expressed extreme anger at land use planning laws and 1000 Friends affiliate Friends of Yamhill County for blocking an illegal urban growth boundary expansion in January, the Newberg Graphic issued a strong rebuke in a February 18 editorial.

Mia Nelson in News-Register: How Newberg's Planning Decisions Gambled With Its Future

Mia Nelson, 1000 Friends of Oregon's Willamette Valley Advocate, argues in a commentary for the Yamhill Valley News Register that the City of Newberg has delayed its urban growth boundary expansion and needed economic growth through unsound planning choices.

Draft Portland Plan Released To Public

By Dave Garlock, Communications Intern
The Portland Plan, a draft of which was released on October 17th for public review, envisions a equitable, healthy, prosperous and educated Portland in the year 2035.
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