Great & Growing: New 1000 Friends Report Celebrates Oregon's Agri-Cluster

As Oregonians set their Thanksgiving tables, many will be enjoying grains, vegetables, cranberries, and wine grown right here in Oregon. But the farming industry means much more to Oregon than delicious local food. It is an economic engine for the whole state, supporting over two hundred thousand jobs statewide.

"Wine Region of the Year"? You Bet.

Yamhill County Vineyards by Patrick MorganA major wine website has selected Oregon as its 2013 "Region of the Year," recognizing the high-quality growing conditions, and winemaking expertise, that our state has fostered. Not just the Willamette Valley. The whole state.

Farm Profile: Winter's Hill Vineyard, Yamhill County

We love visiting with the people that make Oregon agriculture great. In September we stopped by at Winter's Hill Vineyard, in the famous Dundee Hills of Yamhill County. 

Winter's Hill is a family-run winery that has been growing grapes since 1991. The Gladharts apply a strong sense of care for sustainability and community into everything they do at Winter's Hill. 

Today on the Land Use Trail: French Prairie

Throughout the summer, we'll be featuring stops on our new Land Use Trail. Today, August 12: French Prairie. This area, among Oregon’s first to be settled by Europeans, remains one of its most significant farming regions.

Today's Stop on the Land Use Trail: Grande Ronde Valley

Throughout the summer, we'll be featuring stops on our new Land Use Trail. Today, July 18: Grande Ronde Valley. Surrounded by the awe-inspiring Blue Mountains and enriched with Oregon Trail and Native American history, the valley is among the state’s most important agricultural areas.

Today's Stop on the Land Use Trail: Sauvie Island

Throughout this summer, we'll be featuring stops on our new Land Use Trail. Today, July 15: Sauvie Island. 

Minority-Operated Farms Increasing in Washington County, Reports The Oregonian

The Oregonian's Andrea Castillo reports on the increasing numbers of farms in Washington County that are operated by minorities, many of whom were originally farm workers in the United States. The story highlights the changing face of Oregon agriculture.

State of Oregon Agriculture Report: Protecting Farmland Is High Priority

The Oregon State Board of Agriculture has released its 2013 Oregon State of Agriculture report, a biennial assessment of the opportunities and challenges facing Oregon's second-largest industry. Among its key recommendations: don’t fall back on our duty to protect farmland.

Two Videos Make the Connection Between Land Use Planning and Agriculture

An online video channel called Cooking Up A Story has released a pair of videos that explain why Oregon's land use planning program is so essential to protecting farmland and the farmers who work it--as well as the state's overall economy. They are embedded below.

NYC Magazine Celebrates Land Use and Oregon Food

Edible Manhattan magazine, in a profile from its September-October issue, highlights the vital relationship between our celebrated food scene and our innovative land use laws. It's just another example of outside organizations celebrating the things that make Oregon special.

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