Oregon Farms See Record Sales in 2011

An unprecendented year in Oregon farming, ranching and fisheries gives the entire state reason to celebrate. 34 of 36 counties saw growth in farm sales, as the state's producers hit a record $5.2 billion in sales. More remarkably, 31 Oregon counties saw double-digit growth in agricultural sales. Once again, the Oregon agricultural industry proves its contributions to the Oregon economy can't be doubted, and shouldn't be compromised.

The Livability List: Social Media Highlights, March 27-April 3

In this world of constant communication, it's hard to keep up with all the news in planning, land use, and agriculture. On Twitter and Facebook, 1000 Friends strives to keep you informed about what matters. In case you don't follow us, though, we're happy to introduce this feature, highlighting some interesting recent posts.

1000 Friends Releases New Face of Farming Report and Videos

In 2011, we traveled the state listening to farmers and ranchers discuss how Oregon's land use planning program can continue supporting today's changing agricultural practices. We called this project the New Face of Farming initiative.

Assessing the Long-Term Value of Oregon Farmland

Craig Beebe

A study released this week by the Oregon Department of Agriculture explores the long-range, multifacted value of farmland in the state, which transcends the short-term profits that result from developing such lands.

New Face of Farming is on the Road

The New Face of Farming initiative is on the road this week.  We're holding meetings around the state to get feedback from farmers on how Oregon's land-use laws can help them earn meaningful livelihoods. 

September Oregon Stories: Launching the New Face of Farming Initiative

Farming and ranching in Oregon is an ever-changing enterprise, and the past few years have seen major changes in the ways Oregonians grow, purchase, and eat food. More and more, our state's residents are interested in eating the delicious products that are grown, raised, and prepared by other Oregonians. Meanwhile, the state's farms and ranches are increasingly linked in new ways to global marketplaces.These are both exciting trends. But does our land use system provide all the support it should to help farmers and ranchers succeed in this changing marketplace?

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