Azalea Project "On Hold"

One of our biggest threats in the 2013 legislative session was Senate Bill 846, the so-called "Azalea" bill--named for an anonymous industrial project rumored to be considering Oregon, to whom the bill proposed giving over 300 acres of high-quality farmland with little to no public process.

Wins, Wastes, and What's Next: Recapping the 2013 Legislative Session

Like most legislative sessions, 2013 began and ended with a flurry of activity in Salem. Back in February, over 150 bills – good and bad – were introduced that pertained to land use planning, transportation, housing, agriculture, and other issues that 1000 Friends works on.

Oregon's Bridges Among Best Maintained in Nation, but For How Long?

Oregon has done well, but needs federal help and new state-level solutions to fix its crumbling bridges. A new report released today shows that Oregon ranks 7th best nationally in terms of the overall condition of the state’s bridges.

Daily Astorian Editorial: Protect Planning's Integrity, Reject Senate Bill 845

A strong April 11 editorial in the Daily Astorian urges lawmakers: don't usurp the integrity of Oregon planning for a single company's location preferences. 

1000 Friends Joins Broad Group of Leaders Calling for Secure Active Transportation Funding

Creating safe, efficient, and accessible networks for walking, biking, and transit is vital for Oregon's future. 1000 Friends has worked with a coalition of community leaders to call on legislators to provide a secure source of funding for these underfunded modes.

House Bills Would Protect Prime Farmland from Destructive Gravel Mining

1000 Friends is supporting two bills to be considered by the House Land Use Committee on Tuesday, February 26. Both bills would limit the impact of gravel and other aggregate mining on Oregon's irreplaceable high-quality farmland.

Oregon Legislature to Offer Workshop On State Government

Oregon's governance depends on public involvement--whether it's on land use or health care. But the legislative process can seem complex and intimidating. To combat this perception, legislative staff have scheduled a  "Citizen's Guide to the Legislature" workshop for Monday, Feburary 18.

Daring Mighty Things: Recapping An Evening With Three Land Use Legends

By Craig Beebe, Photos by Dave Garlock

Unprecedented vision, remarkable successes—but considerable fragility. Such were the characterizations of Oregon’s land use program shared by three “land use legends” on Thursday evening, January 10, at the first event in our 2013 McCall Society Speaker Series.

2012 Legislative Session Underway: 1000 Friends Fighting Several Threats

While the 2012 Legislative session is a short session, opponents of Oregon land use planning have wasted no time proposing legislation that would continue to chip away at planning's potential to support thriving farms and forests, livable communities and active citizen engagement in shaping their communities.

Where We Stand: July Oregon Stories Reviews the 2011 Legislature and the Future of Land Use Planning

It has been quite a year in Salem. The 2011 legislative session, with the first divided House in Oregon history, recently came to a close, capping several months of debate and struggle for the heart of Oregon's land use planning system. The close of this challenging session provides an opportunity to reassess the state of Oregon's land use planning system, and look toward how we can improve its effectiveness for the future. Our monthly Oregon Stories newsletter is dedicated to this question for July.

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