Today on the Land Use Trail: Sherman County Wheat

We’re continuing our tour of our Land Use Trail. Today, March 3: Sherman County’s wheat fields, a core economic driver of “The Land Between Two Rivers.”

Today on the Land Use Trail: Oswald West State Park

We’re continuing our tour of our Land Use Trail. Today, January 3Oswald West State Park, an emblem of Oregon’s century-long protections for its incomparable coast.

Today on the Land Use Trail: Baker City

As fall sets in, we’re still visiting stops on our Land Use Trail. Today, October 15: Baker City. Founded in 1864, this stop reminds us why past generations came to out to Oregon in the first place: access to abundant natural resources, productive soil, and gorgeous landscapes.

Today's Stop on the Land Use Trail: Coastal Cranberries

A few times a week this summer, we'll be featuring stops on our new Land Use Trail. Today, June 25: Cranberries. Quite possibly one of Oregon's most special farm crops, cranberries are essential to the southern Oregon Coast's economy.

Celebrating a Century of Public Beaches in Oregon

One hundred years ago this week, Governor Oswald West and the Oregon Legislature gave the state a wonderful birthday present: setting aside its beaches as public property. We're pleased to celebrate this early land use victory:

Good Outlook for Downtown Medford

In a pair of articles, the Mail Tribune reports on positive trends for business and liveliness in downtown Medford. After several major employers, including Lithia Motors and Pacific Retirement Services, opened new offices downtown last year, business is picking up.

Walkable Workplace Profile: Standing Tall at Ashland's Standing Stone Brewing

Oregon's brewing industry is renowned. But Ashland's Standing Stone Brewing has received special attention, for its sustainable and local commitment in just about every aspect of its business. We paid a visit in May to find out why.

Salem Should Keep Sustainable Fairview Vision Intact

A flawed proposal can sink a whole vision. That's the case in Salem, where a proposed multifamily housing development seeks to sidestep an innovative, sustainable plan that local residents developed several years ago. The proposal will soon go before City Council, and local advocates are urging the Council to stick to the vision already adopted.

Oregon Land Use Key Factor in Success, Says Central Oregon Cycle Tourism Company

As bicycle tourism grows in popularity, Oregon has an advantage: it's much easier to get out of town and traffic, and into gorgeous scenery. In a recent blog post, Bike Around Bend features the story of a new local cycling company, Ride Cycling Tours. The company's founder, Whit Bazemore, cites land use planning as a key factor that will help his business succeed.

The Livability List: Social Media Highlights, March 27-April 3

In this world of constant communication, it's hard to keep up with all the news in planning, land use, and agriculture. On Twitter and Facebook, 1000 Friends strives to keep you informed about what matters. In case you don't follow us, though, we're happy to introduce this feature, highlighting some interesting recent posts.

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