Oregon Cities Grow More, Expand Less than National Average

Dave Garlock, 1000 Friends Communication Intern
Thu, 04/05/2012 (All day)

An aerial view of the Urban Growth Boundary in Cornelius, OregonAmerican cities are growing rapidly, and across much of the country this has meant further sprawl. But a look at the most recent U.S.

Report: Active Transportation Is a Priority for Rural Areas, Too

By Dave Garlock, 1000 Friends Communication Intern

There is a common misconception that only residents of big cities bike and walk, and therefore active transportation investments are not well-suited to rural areas. A new report from the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy tells a different story.  

Court Decision Protects Polk County Forestland

Craig Beebe

The Oregon Court of Appeals delivered an important opinion November 9, when it blocked a proposed lot adjustment by Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development Company in a forested area of Polk County. The proposal would have opened the area, which is productive for commercial forestry, to potential housing development. 1000 Friends stood with Polk County and our local affiliate Friends of Polk County to defend this area from Weyerhaeuser's plan, and celebrate the proposal.

Oregon Supreme Court Delivers Important Victory for Oregon Farmland

In a significant victory for Oregon farmland and the integrity of our land use system, the Oregon Supreme Court last week prevented the development of a subdivision on farmland in Yamhill County that had won final approval the day before Measure 49 was passed by Oregon voters.  This is a big victory for our affiliate Friends of Yamhill County and Crag Law Center, who brought the case, as well for as all of us who believe that prime Willamette Valley farmland should be protected f

1000 Friends Trains Advocates for Central Oregon Regional Economic Development

Yesterday in Bend, 1000 Friends hosted an advocate training for Deschutes County residents, to help them prepare testimony for an upcoming Planning Commission hearing which will determine whether to adopt the tri-county region's Regional Economic Opportunity Assessment (REOA) into the Deschutes County Comprehensive Plan.

Court of Appeals Reaffirms Balanced Approach for McMinnville UGB Expansion

This week, the Oregon Court of Appeals issued a ruling that clearly reaffirms a balanced approach toward protecting vital Yamhill County farmlands while allowing for appropriate growth for the City of McMinnville. The Court reversed the Land Conservation and Development Commission's previous approval of a McMinnville's proposed urban growth boundary expansion (UGB), which included over 800 acres of top-quality farmland.

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