Ben Ross: To Fight Sprawl, Look Closer In

It may seem that fighting sprawl is all about the edge: have a strong urban growth boundary and and the rest will fall into place. But that's only one piece of the puzzle, argues author Ben Ross. We need also need more places to live in existing communities--yet how can we build that in an age of opposition?

Defeating Sprawl's "Dead End": Two Events This May

Oregon has been successful creating livable cities attracting new investment, businesses, and residents. But Ben Ross, one of the country's foremost grassroots transit advocates, believes this vision and its accomplishments are threatened. In May we'll welcome Ben for events in Eugene and Portland.

Court Ruling on Metro Urban/Rural Reserves Expected Thursday

Christian Gaston
The Oregonian
Wed, 02/19/2014 - 9:28am

The Oregon Court of Appeals is expected to rule Thursday on a court case challenging the 50-year growth plan the Portland region adopted in 2010.

What the court says about the plan could determine the outcome of a major piece of legislation Oregon lawmakers are working on that would redraw the map that local governments agreed upon.

Today on the Land Use Trail: Astoria

Throughout the year, we'll be featuring stops on our Land Use Trail. Today, November 12: Astoria, a city with deep history and a bright future.

Today on the Land Use Trail: Corvallis

CorvallisThroughout the year, we'll be featuring stops on our Land Use Trail. Today, October 30: Corvallis, a sustainable city located in the Willamette Valley that’s been repeatedly recognized as one of the top 10 places to live in America.

Wim Wiewel: Time for "Bigger Plans"

Wim Wiewel at the Augen GalleryWim Wiewel keeps a bust of Daniel Burnham in his office. He didn’t bring it to our McCall Society Speaker Series event on October 16, but the Portland State University President did describe it in absentia to make a key observation about Portland and Oregon.

TED Talk: Reversing America's "Worst Idea"

In a new TED Talk, planner Jeff Speck identifies a straightforward solution to make America "more economically resilient, healthier, and more sustainable." It comes down to making more walkable places for people to live.

My Oregon Story: Wim Wiewel

1000 Friends is excited to welcome Portland State University President Wim Wiewel to our 2013 McCall Society Speaker Series. We asked him to share his Oregon Story.  

Today on the Land Use Trail: Orenco Station

Throughout the year, we'll be featuring stops on our Land Use Trail. Today, October 7: Orenco Station, a transit-oriented community reminds us that public and private sector relationships have the potential to produce innovative, healthy, and successful neighborhoods.

Oregon Values and Beliefs Project Reveals Strong Support for Land Use

Oregonians are maintaining their strong support for protecting farms and forests from sprawl while targeting new development into existing cities and towns. That's the clear message from the Oregon Values and Beliefs Project released October 3.

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