CRC Facts: A New Report Details the Dangers of the Columbia River Crossing

The Columbia River Crossing (CRC), a freeway expansion and light rail project to connect Portland and Vancouver along Interstate 5, is in one corner of the state. But its shadow looms over all of Oregon.

Project proponents are pushing for Oregon to build this massive project by itself, shouldering all of the burden and all of the risks of cost overruns, toll shortfalls, and harmful effects of a project that will enable more sprawl in Washington. The whole state will feel the impacts for many years to come.

The 2014 legislative session may be our opportunity to defeat this risky project for a final time. Hearings and a possible legislative vote will determine whether Oregon commits billions to a project whose foundations are shaky and whose future is murky.

Our new report, CRC Facts, is a comprehensive effort to outline all of the CRC's risks in one place. 

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Photo credit (header): Jonathan Soriano, via Flickr. Creative Commons.