Measure 49: Moving Forward after Statewide Grassroots Victory

1000 Friends of Oregon's Guide to Measure 37 Vested Rights

Measure 49 provides that development started or completed under a Measure 37 claim may be allowed to continue, if it meets the definition of a "vested right." Our guide includes practical steps to evaluate whether a Measure 37 claim near you is being developed under a “vested right” theory and, if so, how to evaluate whether it qualifies.

Download our Vested Rights Guide (pdf)

Additional resources to help answer questions about Measure 37 claims now that Measure 49 has passed:

Measure 49 information from DLCD (link)
Department of Land, Conservation & Development "minisite" for claimants, local governments & others.

Cascade Resources Advocacy Group (CRAG) Measure 37 & 49 Resources

Measure 49 Victory: Voters Approve The Campaign to Fix 37

Measure 49 has passed with 62% of the vote statewide.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this tremendous grassroots victory!

This map shows the percentage of YES votes by county. Note the strong support for Measure 49 in rural counties. Map courtesy of (thanks!)


Here's some resources to learn more about Measure 49.

1000 Friends' Voters Pamphlet statement for Measure 49. (pdf)

Maps of Measure 37 claims by county.

Videos: testimonials from neighbors of Measure 37 claims.

Measure 49 Ballot Title: the text that will appear on the ballot.

Measure 49 full text (PDF)

Measure 37 Resource guide

Download the Measure 37 and You resource guide. (pdf)