Bear Creek Valley Regional Problem Solving: Approval Process

Updated November 2, 2012

On November 23, 2011, after eight years of work and nearly two more years of public hearings, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners approved, or “adopted,” the Greater Bear Creek Regional Problem Solving (RPS) Plan.

View the adopted Plan here (pdf). View the adopted Plan Atlas here (pdf).

In March 2012, the Oregon Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) requested that the county make changes to the plan. Those changes were adopted by the county in July 2012, and the participating cities have now all also adopted them. The plan now returns to LCDC for formal hearings. Read on for details. 

Amendments by the County

At Jackson County’s request, in late March 2012 the LCDC held a public comment session to consider the plan. Due in part to testimony provided by our Southern Oregon Advocate Greg Holmes, as well as written comments and additional testimony by residents of the Bear Creek Valley, LCDC requested that the County make a number of changes to the plan prior to the state’s formal adoption process. The changes included removing additional farmland from the proposed urban reserves, and increasing the committed densities in the city of Medford.

Read the recommended changes here (pdf).

Based on LCDC’s request, the County amended the plan. The amendments included every change recommended by LCDC. Read the final order here. (pdf)

Adoption by the Cities

Each of the cities participating in the RPS (Ashland, Central Point, Eagle Point, Medford, Phoenix, and Talent) then held their own public hearings to decide whether or not to adopt the portions of the plan that are relevant to them. 


Planning Commission Recommendation/Date

City Council


Adopt/June 12

Adopt/July 17

Central Point

Adopt/July 3

Adopt/July 26

Eagle Point

Adopt/July 17

Adopt/August 14


Adopt/July 12

Adopt/August 16


Adopt/June 25

Adopt/August 6


Adopt/June 11

Adopt/July 18

Additional information can be found by contacting each of the cities individually. Click on the relevant city below to find contact information.

This process was completed in August 2012.

Bringing It All Together

The cities must adopt plans be identical to the plan the County adopts (minus irrelevant pieces--for example, Medford does not need to adopt portions that pertain only to Eagle Point). If any of the cities varied from the County, then the County must reopen its hearings again to consider the changes. 

Now that the local plans are synchronized and adopted, the entire package must go back to the state for another review, and to the Land Conservation and Development Commission for their formal hearings on the plan. There will be additional opportunities for written and oral comments from the public at that time.

The LCDC hearings will happen in November 2012. Once that process is complete, the cities and Jackson County can then rely on the plan as they make future plans for the valley.

Changes to this schedule are possible. Check back here for updates and links to additional information, or contact our Southern Oregon Advocate Greg Holmes at or 541.474.1155.

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