2017 Oregon State of Agriculture Industry Report

Greg Holmes
Tue, 02/28/2017 - 5:40pm

Agriculture continues to be one of Oregon's leading industries, providing over $50 billion in sales of food, fiber, and agricultural products, and providing over 325,000 full and part-time jobs. Oregon's Board of Agriculture just delivered to Governor Brown and the Oregon Legislature the 2017 Oregon State of the Agriculture Industry Report. Oregon is blessed with some of the world's most productive soils and temperate climates, resulting in more than 225 different agricultural products grown in Oregon. This diversity is the strength of Oregon's agricultural industry.

The Report addresses several issues that we and our partners are working on through our Food Systems work--from the impact of short term rentals on agriculture in the Hood River Valley, to the the absence of meat processing facilities in southern Oregon, to the challenges facing new and beginning farmers and ranchers in getting onto farmland to start their careers. It also describes the challenges facing Oregon agriculture, including around the workforce, transportation, and most significantly for land use, conflicts with non-farm uses. Through the report, the Board of Agriculture recommends actions and investments to keep Oregon agricultural great and growing, including endorsing a strong land use program as key to a healthy industry. The Board recommends that the state: "Develop strong policies to maintain agriculture as a primary land use, especially in Exclusive Farm Use zones." With your help, we can continue to protect our farm zones and agricultural spaces.  

Photo Credit: Evening Shadows, Ian Sane Photography