Can Your Employer Help Protect Oregon?

EarthShare OregonThreats to Oregon are growing, as are demands on the lands, water, food, energy and other resources Oregon needs to thrive. We need more people and businesses standing up for this great state. 1000 Friends is pleased to partner with EarthShare Oregon to make that happen.

EarthShare, of which 1000 Friends is a member, engages people at their workplaces to garner new support for conservation and planning throughout your local community and across Oregon.

Our membership in EarthShare Oregon enables us to reach out to a broad cross–section of the state that might not otherwise learn about our work. This boosts our financial support and helps us build bridges to new volunteers and supporters.

EarthShare Oregon’s workplace and online giving options are easy ways for you to share responsibility for stewarding Oregon’s environmental legacy.

First, check the list of EarthShare’s business partners online to see what companies in your industry offer EarthShare.

Then, if your employer doesn't currently have an EarthShare campaign, get the facts about how easy it is to start one.  Meet with EarthShare Oregon’s Executive Director Jan Wilson to get all the information you need to start up your campaign.

To learn more about bringing EarthShare to your workplace, contact Jan at 503-223-9015 or, or visit