The Clackamas County Food System ONEStop

If you've been following our work with the Rogue Valley Food System Network, you know we're committed to connecting people with fresh local produce. One of the ways this network accomplishes this goal is by connecting farmers, distributors, and other partners in order to minimize shipping costs and get food into the hands of people who need it. Now, a similar food system called ONEStop has emerged to serve people in Clackamas County. Here's a little bit about this initiative:
The Clackamas County Food System ONEStop is a virtual farmgate through which growers can access resources they need to be more successful. The ONEStop is focused on food producers who market to the Portland region and beyond. Our long-term vision is that by growing the growers and linking them to resources, Clackamas County farmers can thrive. The ONEStop Farmgate connections will be open to public, private, nonprofit, educational, and philanthropic resources. The ONEStop will not duplicate existing services. It will be:
  • A place for real farmers to get real help
  • Online 24-7
  • Quick and easy to navigate
  • A place to access vendors and other farmers
  • A connection to markets, processors and distributors
  • A place to connect to solve problems
  • Closely aligned with the Ecotrust Foodhub virtual marketplace

For more information, check out the ONEStop brochure.