Going Places: From Medford to Portland, Employers Are Stepping Up for Walkable Workplaces

Walkability shouldn’t be a value limited to where we live. More and more Oregonians want to work in places within easy walking distance of amenities and services they need to access throughout the day. Smart employers are recognizing this trend, and meeting it.

It’s not something limited to the commercial districts of large cities, either. Almost every Oregon community has great potential to attract and sustain the growing number of employees interested in walkable workplaces.


Take Medford, for example. Last year, Lithia Motors began building its new 70,000 square-foot headquarters in “The Commons” in downtown Medford, investing millions of dollars into the city center. The nation’s seventh largest automotive dealership chain may seem like an unusual candidate to build a walkable headquarters. But for Lithia, the investment makes a lot of sense. Its 300 headquarters employees will be in the same space for the first time, and Lithia will be able to attract more talented employees who want to work in a thriving, walkable place.  (At right, a photo of the building under construction in Medford.)

Now Medford is experiencing a bigger payoff: one business downtown usually attracts more.

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