The Livability List: Social Media Highlights, July 31 - August 15

It's sometimes hard to keep up with all the news in land use and livability. On Twitter and Facebook, 1000 Friends strives to keep you informed about what matters. But don't worry if you miss something along the way--our Livability List recaps some of our recent social media highlights.

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Streetsblog looked at the toll “job sprawl” has on families.

Two great Oregon paddle trips were named national water trails.

Land Use Is: Your Plate explored the links between our farmland, economy and food.

Better! Cities and Towns examined “zombie sprawl.”

We toured two of Oregon’s new Scenic Bikeways in Eastern Oregon.

The Oregon Blue Book called for photo submissions for its cover.

Our August e-newsletter, Oregon Stories, went live.

The USDA announced great news about the growth of farmer’s markets.

The Oregonian looked into Oregon’s place in the above farmer’s market growth.

William Fulton wrote about the cost of America’s inefficient sprawl.

Oregon added 18 Centennial and Sesquicentennial farms with the help of land use laws.