The Livability List: Social Media Highlights, June 19 to July 2

It's sometimes hard to keep up with all the news in land use and livability. On Twitter and Facebook, 1000 Friends strives to keep you informed about what matters. But don't worry if you miss something along the way--our Livability List recaps some of our recent social media highlights.

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At Atlantic Cities, Richard Florida ranked the top tech metrosPortland came in at #4, and Corvallis at #14.

Jackson County’s regional plan came one step closer to final adoption.

For the first time in 100 years, cities grew faster than their surrounding suburbs.

UW researchers showed the positive economic impacts of more walkable neighborhoods.

Roseburg’s health depends on better walkability, argued an editorial in the Roseburg News-Review.

CNN investigated how urban sprawl can be turned into sustainable cities.

Our Land Use Leadership Initiative participants explored affordable housing in NW Portland.

A time-lapse video of our MAX to Market ride was put together by the Westside Transportation Alliance.

Dr. Dick Jackson and Michael Mehaffy wrote about the serious health risks of unwalkable communities.

A local study showed that main streets are more accident prone than highways, reported OPB News.

The American Dream is changing, according to a New York Times piece by Allison Arieff.  We took a look at her argument.

The NRDC looked at what your community can do to improve health.