The Livability List: Social Media Highlights, June 5-18

It's sometimes hard to keep up with all the news in land use and livability. On Twitter and Facebook, 1000 Friends strives to keep you informed about what matters. But don't worry if you miss something along the way--our Livability List recaps some of our recent social media highlights.

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A Salon article argued that cities should stop thinking big, instead looking at projects that are small, cheap and effective.

We looked at how developers in Oregon are refocusing their efforts on building inside urban growth boundaries based on demographic shifts.

The vast majority of Americans support planning to help their communities, an infographic from the American Planning Association showed.

Big box stores are in decline, reported the Wall Street Journal.

We learned about Helvetia on our Pedalpalooza ride through the lovely rural area

A new Boring Dull partnership was announced by the Oregonian.

Lake Oswego’s leaders were informed that a walkable business district equals better sales for local businesses.

Atlantic Cities looked at the cost of sprawl on clean water.

In our June newsletter, Oregon Stories, we toured Ashland’s Standing Stone Brewing, interviewed Sy Adler, and more.