The Livability List: Social Media Highlights, March 27-April 3

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In “The Simple Math that can Save Cities from Bankruptcy,” Emily Badger writes about how revitalizing downtown properties can increase cities’ tax bases.

We announced the launch of our new Facebook Timeline page, which includes some big accomplishments from our history.

Portland looks to enliven the Cully neighborhood.  Commercial zoning could lead to more small businesses, better sidewalks and connections for this long-overlooked Northeast Portland neighborhood.

The Medford Mail-Tribune wrote a strong editorial recently about more big employers moving to downtown. In short, the paper says, "things are looking up" for downtown Medford.

Kaid Benfield, in the Atlantic Cities, discusses the true cost of unwalkable streets on American’s health and safety.

Spring is the season for community-supported agriculture. Over 200 CSA farms are active in Oregon, according to this Oregonian article on the growing popularity of CSAs in the Portland region.

Few American communities are thinking about retiring boomers' needs for housing and transportation, according to USA Today.

In “A Line in the Vines,” Oregon Wine Press writes about the risks of opening up Yamhill County wine country to more non-farming activities.