Livability List: Social Media Highlights, September 20-October 4

It's sometimes hard to keep up with all the news in land use and livability. On Twitter and Facebook, 1000 Friends strives to keep you informed about what matters. But don't worry if you miss something along the way--our Livability List recaps some of our recent social media highlights.

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Our next event in the McCall Society Speaker Series will feature Portland State University President Wim Wiewel. Make sure you RSVP as the event is right around the corner on October 16th. Wiewel will share ideas about how the university can further increase its presence in Portland and the state of Oregon.

It was great to hear about Portland State University’s transportation research and education center earning a $2.83 million federal grant to expand its programs at OTREC. Keep up the great work PSU.

The Coalition for a Livable Future is hosting the 11th annual CLF Regional Livability Summit at PSU on October 11th. Findings from the Regional Equity Atlas 2.0 will be discussed to generate dialogue on how the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan region can strengthen equity policies in the public sector. 

Check out this scary report put out by the Department of Geology and Mineral Industries. Are we going to be prepared if a megaquake hits our region?

Climate change still a harsh reality as research shows that wildfires will increase as global warming makes the northwest hotter and drier. Fires are reported to increase from 40%-100% in the coming decades. 

Upstate New York farmers are currently facing some adversity as farmland is threatened by developers. 1000 Friends is proud to advocate for protecting prime farmland, stopping sprawl and protecting urban growth boundaries. Good luck New York.

As Oregon’s population is set to grow 37% over the next 30 years, our forests and prime farmland will be threatened. 1000 Friends will continue to protect our coveted forests and agriculutral areas as best we can, but we need your help. Here's a  frightening map of what my happen to our forests and farms if we do nothing.   

Wilsonville and Harrisburg are trying to expand their urban growth boundaries. Let’s just make sure that land already found within the boundary has been maximally used before we push boundaries. 

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