Meet our 2013 Land Use Leadership Initiative Cohort

We're pleased to introduce the 20 individuals who have been selected to participate in the second year of our Land Use Leadership Initiative. They come from a diversity of perspectives and professional backgrounds, and together will consider and confront some key issues facing the Oregon and the Portland region.

We're excited to work with them throughout the next six months, beginning with our launch today. We'll learn from each other about the role of land use planning in key issues like active transportation, affordable housing, and climate change. Our goal is to help inform these emerging leaders' professional work and personal passions as they help shape Oregon's future.

Meet the whole 2013 cohort here: And learn more about the Land Use Leadership Initiative here:

If you'd like to help us invest in the emerging leaders who will shape Oregon's future, please support our work with a gift on on our Online Support page. Thank you very much.