Metro Seeks Public Comment on Transportation Priorities

The Portland area is internationally known for its success in implementing sustainable transportation throughout the region. Now Metro seeks public comment on how to prioritize spending for a unique pool of money known as Regional Flexible Funds. The public comment period will last from September 13 to October 13.

At $22.5 million, these funds comprise about 4% of the region's overall transportation spending, but are unique in that they can be applied to a wide range of projects. Each county, and the City of Portland, choose the projects from the Regional Transportation Plan for which they would like to use the funds. This part of the process has already happened, with the jurisdictions choosing the projects below (as listed on Metro's website). After a monthlong comment period, Metro's Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation will review and make a final decision on December 8, followed by Metro Council on December 15.

1000 Friends supports projects that provide better transportation choice for all regional residents. Smart transportation choices will help support our regional economy and create new jobs--this is particularly true of transit and active transportation projects, which studies have shown create more jobs per dollar spent. The list below features many such projects.

Please take a moment to let Metro know that you support sustainable transportation projects that will continue to improve our quality of life and economic development. Click here to see project maps, read more information, and send your comments to Metro.

City of Portland

Active transportation and complete streets

  • East Portland Active Transportation to Transit project
  • Foster Road safety enhancements
  • Bike sharing project 

Green Economy and Freight Initiatives

  • Time Oil/Burgard Road intersection improvement 

East Multnomah County

Active transportation and complete streets

  • Arata Road - Wood Village Boulevard to 238th Avenue: Pedestrian and bicycling enhancements project in Wood Village

Green economy and freight initiatives

  • Northeast Sandy Boulevard: 230th Avenue to 238th Drive: Freight access upgrades in Wood Village and Fairview

Washington County

Active transportation and complete streets

  • Tonquin Trail system (West Fork) to Cedar Creek Greenway Trail in Sherwood
  • Hillsboro regional center: Oak and Baseline

Green economy and freight initiatives

  • Highway 8/Highway 47 intersection improvements in Forest Grove

Clackamas County

Active transportation and complete streets

  • Southeast 17th Avenue multi-use regional trail connection in Milwaukie

Green economy and freight initiatives 

  • Regional freight intelligent transportation system project in Clackamas County