November 14: Giving Means Getting So Much

‚ÄčToday, November 14, is a great day to support 1000 Friends through Willamette Week's Give!Guide. By standing with us for a healthy, productive Oregon, you'll receive a whole bunch of great rewards--including the opportunity to win an especially big one!

All donors who give more than $10 through Give!Guide get great treats like free tacos, ice cream, and coffee from some of Portland's top businesses. Today only, though, you'll also be entered in a drawing for a free party for you and 40 friends at McMenamins Backstage Bar!

And if you support 1000 Friends through Give!Guide, our partners at Winter's Hill Vineyard will throw in a $5 match for your gift, a free wine tasting for 2 if you're under 35, and a free private tour and tasting if you give over $100 to 1000 Friends. Learn more here.

So help us celebrate and foster a great Oregon, and get great things in return. Just GIVE through Give!Guide here.

Why should you support 1000 Friends? We let an adorable Oregon native share her thoughts:

1000 Friends of Oregon | Give!Guide from 1000 Friends of Oregon on Vimeo.