OPB: Oregon Planning Agency Would Prioritize Farm, Forest Longevity

Rob Manning
OPB News
Mon, 06/23/2014 - 5:00pm

The state agency responsible for governing Oregon’s local land-use plans has come up with a new plan for itself.

The Department of Land Conservation and Development, has two missions: to conserve farm and forestland, and to develop land for houses and jobs.

State law requires local governments to continually ensure they have sufficient land for houses and jobs.

DLCD’s draft strategic plan starts with a goal to work with state agriculture and forestry experts to “ensure a sustainable land supply for Oregon’s agricultural and forest industries.”

Mary-Kyle McCurdy with farmland protection group 1000 Friends of Oregon appreciates the new plan’s focus: “What does it mean and what does it take to protect and preserve Oregon’s farm and forest lands for the long term in terms of their ability to produce food and fiber, and not simply looking at them as lands that are put off for a while, for development?”

The draft plan also prioritizes helping cities make better use of urban land, such as through redevelopment and better road and park systems.

1000 Friends is reviewing the plan and will provide additional comments to DLCD before the July 3 deadline. Read the draft plan and find out how to comment.