Oregon Land Use Key Factor in Success, Says Central Oregon Cycle Tourism Company

As bicycle tourism grows in popularity, Oregon has an advantage: it's much easier to get out of town and traffic, and into gorgeous scenery. In a recent blog post, Bike Around Bend features the story of a new local cycling company, Ride Cycling Tours. The company's founder, Whit Bazemore, cites land use planning as a key factor that will help his business succeed.

From the blog post:

Bazemore says our world-class road cycling can largely be attributed to Oregon’s forward thinking land-use policies. The concept of an urban growth boundary (UGB) helps centralize auto-traffic and makes rural roads and highways truly rural with lower car volumes, greatly enhancing a road riders experience.

To encourage cycling tourism, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department has been expanding its Oregon Scenic Bikeways program for several years. Companies that take advantage of this program, like Ride Cycling Tours, are pumping a great deal of money into the economy of Bend and other cities throughout Oregon. They're creating jobs and supporting a truly sustainable tourism industry.

Oregon communities can continue fostering these emerging businesses by investing in improvements that make cycling safer and more welcoming to a variety of people, and by focusing development inside urban growth boundaries and away from our outstanding rural and natural open spaces.

Read the full post on Bike Around Bend's site.