Restore Fair Share Housing: Support HB 2564

UPDATE: The Oregon House of Representatives Passes HB 2564 with 34-25 Vote
The bill that would remove the prohibition on cities and counties using inclusionary zoning, one tool used to help provide affordable housing, passed the full House on a 34-25 vote.  Now on to the Senate!  We hope we can count on you to let your Senator know you care about affordable housing and that you want your community to have the inclusionary zoning tool available in your area.
UPDATE: HB 2564 Moves Forward 
1000 Friends has been actively working with a coalition of organizations, individuals, local governments, and businesses who care about affordable housing to pass HB 2564. This bill would remove the current state prohibition on "inclusionary zoning," an effective tool to provide for affordable housing that many other states and regions use. [See below for more information on IZ.]
On April 8, HB 2564 took a huge step forward by passing out of the House Committee on Human Services and Housing on a 5-4 vote. Speaker of the House Tina Kotek introduced an amendment to ensure that any city that chooses to use inclusionary zoning (should the bill pass the full Legislature and get signed by the Governor) couples it with other measures to aid builders in using IZ. 1000 Friends submitted testimony in support of HB 2564, and worked hard to garner support from around the state for the bill. Thanks to your efforts and support, we're able to celebrate this success.
From here, the bill will move to the full Oregon House for a vote before going to the Oregon Senate. When it reaches the Senate, we'll need your letters of support again. We'll be sure to let you know when and how you can help. Meanwhile, please thank the following legislators for their strong support and dedication to providing housing opportunities for all Oregonians:  Speaker Kotek and Representatives Keny-Guyer and Williamson.
For more information on IZ, see our fact sheet below:
Communities across Oregon are facing a housing crisis. With your support, we can help offer housing to everyone who calls Oregon home. Here's what you need to know:
  • Today, too many Oregonians struggle to find reasonably priced housing in healthy neighborhoods. Fair share housing policies allow everyone to live in vibrant communities with access to amenities and resources. 
  • Inclusionary zoning (IZ) is a basic planning tool used throughout the country since 1974 to ensure that new developments offer housing options for people at all income levels. 
  • In 1999, the Legislature passed a bill banning IZ. Texas is the only other state that prohibits this tool. 
  • As a result, Oregonians experience increased concentrated poverty and racial segregation, as well as health and educational disparities. 

We must repeal Oregon’s ban on inclusionary zoning by passing HB 2564. Let’s restore local governments’ ability to offer equal housing opportunities to all. We can also:

1. Combat racial segregation, gentrification, and displacement. Fair share housing ensures all people have access to residential developments in resource-rich areas, which reduces crime and increases neighborhood stability.

2. Help vulnerable families. Fair share policies free up public resources, allowing cities to more effectively to combat homelessness in their communities.

3. Promote community health and prosperity. By providing housing at a reasonable cost near job opportunities, hardworking families have more money for the essentials: healthy food, clothes, education, health care and recreation.