Share Your Oregon Story

Beyond the treats and good cheer, the holiday season is a time for telling stories. This holiday season, we're taking part. We want to hear your story about this special place called Oregon.

We all have our own Oregon Stories. What's yours? Why did you choose to move or stay here? Do you have a favorite Oregon place or landscape? If you had to define this state in just a few words, what would they be?

Your story is unique, whether you were born here or came from elsewhere, whether your home is a city, small town or the country. But your story likely shares some common threads with those of fellow Oregonians who love and care for our state's exceptional landscapes, communities, and people. We want to collect all of these stories, to better understand our community and our mutual vision for Oregon.

Tell us what makes Oregon special to you, and what you envision for our shared future. Share your Oregon Story. Please take a few moments to tell us your story here, by completing our brief questionnaire.

To help inspire you, here are the Oregon Stories of four fellow Oregonians, including a video message from Executive Director Jason Miner. Are these your stories, too?

My Oregon Story: Jason Miner

Jason has been 1000 Friends' Executive Director since 2010. An Ohio native, he shares what inspires him most about Oregon in this video message.

My Oregon Story: Sally Weston

A Eugene resident and active citizen for over 40 years, Sally is 1000 Friends' newest board member. Here she shares what brought her family to Oregon, why they've stayed, and her three-word definition of Oregon. She's pictured at right at her favorite Oregon place--can you guess where it is?
Discover Sally's Oregon Story

Sally Weston at her favorite Oregon place.

My Oregon Story: Kevin Pozzi

You may have seen Kevin's name in our newsletters and blog posts over the last couple of years. Kevin is a Portland resident and a dedicated 1000 Friends communications volunteer.  Kevin shares which Oregon landscapes have had the deepest impact on him since he came here from Indiana, and what he thinks it will take to protect these landscapes for future generations. Discover Kevin's Oregon Story

Kevin Pozzi explores the eastern Oregon desert.

My Oregon Story: Gena Goodman-Campbell

One of our 35 Innovators Under 35, Gena is a native Oregonian. She lives in Bend, where she works with the Oregon Natural Desert Association. Somewhat surprisingly, though, she chose a very different Oregon landscape as her favorite. In her Oregon Story, she shares an interesting memory from her college years in Colorado, when a very different community reminded her why Oregon is such a special place to live.
Discover Gena's Oregon Story

Gena at a favorite Oregon place.