Simple Math: Investing in Downtowns Creates More Value

Emily Badger
Atlantic Cities
Fri, 03/30/2012 (All day)

The more you consider the math, the more it's obvious: investing in downtowns and existing neighborhoods isn't just an expression of values, it's a creator of value. It's value that stays in the community and is reinvested again and again.

This is true for urban and suburban cities, and small towns across Oregon:

"Per-acre, our downtowns have the potential to generate so much more public wealth than low-density subdivisions or massive malls by the highway. And for all that revenue they bring in, downtowns cost considerably less to maintain in public services and infrastructure."

Fortunately, Oregon has a great tool to help make these investments happen: our land use planning program and experience means Oregon communities have a leg up in experience to attract reliable jobs, attractive housing, and vibrant businesses to existing downtowns and neighborhoods that already have most of the necessary infrastructure in place.

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