Stop Aggregate Strip Mining Deregulation TODAY!

1KF Staff and partners
Tue, 02/20/2018 (All day)

Today some members of the Oregon Legislature will consider a sneaky amendment to a transportation package fix bill. This amendment does not belong, and it weakens protections for our environment and community!

A -7 (dash seven) amendment to House Bill 4060 would prevent a county from addressing any noise, water, dust or “other regulated environmental impacts” on neighbors when the operator has permits from other federal or state agencies. These amendments would eliminate the ability of a county to address specific impacts of an aggregate mine on neighboring lands and people.

Please contact your Representative TODAY and let them know that they need to oppose the - 7 amendment to HB 4060!

This amendment would eliminate local land use processes for permitting of aggregate strip mining projects - leaving state and federal permitting as the barometer to allow a project. The problem is, even the state does not have the means to understand the nuance of site-specific issues that could arise from such activities. We need to ensure that counties and neighbors near a mining site can participate in the decision-making process to allow for these invasive, hazardous projects. Taking that away is harmful for all Oregonians!       

This amendment is being proposed in the transportation package fix because the committee is concerned about availability of aggregate resources for transportation projects. However, data shows that local land use approval is not a barrier to siting these projects. Data from the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) demonstrate that between 1994 and 2015, only 11 projects out of the 358 tracked by DLCD were been denied the right to mine for aggregate resources within lands zoned for exclusive farm use. This is a 97% success rate for aggregate projects within farm zones.


We need you to act now and tell your state representative that they need to oppose the -7 amendments to HB 4060.

We are on the road to a cleaner transportation future. Let’s not ruin that progress with sneaky amendments! Read our full opposition letter here.