TED Talk: Reversing America's "Worst Idea"

In a new TED Talk, planner Jeff Speck identifies a straightforward solution to make America "more economically resilient, healthier, and more sustainable." It comes down to making more walkable places for people to live.

Speck describes Portland and Oregon's choices to create urban growth boundaries and safer transportation choices as an inspiration for how the country can move forward. After investing in better transportation choices, and by limiting suburban sprawl, Portland residents now spend less time and money driving, and spend more time and money on things they care about and enjoy.

Watch Jeff Speck describe "the worst idea we've ever had...suburban sprawl", and how we can reverse its harmful effects on society:

As Speck describes, land use and transportation planning are key tools to create healthier, more resilient communities. Learn more about land use in your life and community at friends.org/LandUseIs.

1000 Friends works throughout Oregon to create more walkable places through smart land use. If you agree that this should be a priority for our cities, please consider joining our work at friends.org/support.