Two Videos Make the Connection Between Land Use Planning and Agriculture

An online video channel called Cooking Up A Story has released a pair of videos that explain why Oregon's land use planning program is so essential to protecting farmland and the farmers who work it--as well as the state's overall economy. They are embedded below.

In the first video, the Oregon Department of Agriculture's Jim Johnson explains the basics of Oregon land use planning, including the concept and process behind urban growth boundaries. He gives a memorable example as evidence the program is working to protect farmland. 

In the second video, Bill Zimmerman, a farmer near the edge of the urban growth boundary outside Vancouver, Washington, explains the direct impact that urban growth has on his livelihood and his decisions to invest in his farm. He notes that even though his farm is still outside the boundary, the uncertainty about when it will move makes it hard to be sure that his farm will remain in farming for long.

1000 Friends of Oregon works hard to protect farms like Bill Zimmermans' throughout Oregon. It takes careful planning and a dedication to long-term balance. While Oregon has achieved much, the threats to farming are very real. That is why our land use planning program remains so essential to this crucial piece of Oregon's economy.

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