Woodburn UGB Mediation Resolution

Joint statement by City of Woodburn and Marion County
Wed, 12/16/2015 - 10:00am


On December 14, 2015, the Woodburn City Council and Marion County Board of Commissioners completed a joint hearing at Woodburn City Hall. The meeting represents a critical step in bringing Woodburn’s longtime effort to expand it Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) to a conclusion.

In March 2015, officials from the City of Woodburn, 1000 Friends of Oregon, Marion County and the Department of Land Conservation and Development entered into a mediation process with the goal of resolving Woodburn’s effort to expand its UGB. The mediation achieved an agreement for how to move forward in bringing this dispute to a resolution, which is reflected in the ordinances adopted by the City Council and Marion County this evening. Now that the local governments have adopted these ordinances, the Land Conservation and Development Commission will consider the matter in January 2016.

Woodburn Mayor Kathy Figley thanked Council President Frank Lonergan, former Council President Pete McCallum, City Administrator Scott Derickson, City Attorney Bob Shields and Economic and Development Services Director Jim Hendryx, who provided critical leadership throughout the process.

“The ordinances adopted this evening represent a consensus on how Woodburn can achieve its objective in a manner that is acceptable to all parties involved in this dispute,” said Mayor Figley. “To have achieved this step is a real testament to the leadership at DLCD in Director Jim Rue and Deputy Director Carrie MacLaren, the extensive efforts of Mary Kyle McCurdy and 1000 Friends of Oregon’s team and the hard work of Marion County. Once we agreed to a direction, everyone worked hard to bring this to fruition.”

The adopted ordinances provide an expansion of the City’s Urban Growth Boundary, including:

  • Adding 619 acres of land, which includes 190 acres designated for industrial use, 23 acres for commercial use and 406 acres for residential use;
  • A 20-year expansion limitation condition west of Butteville Road N.E.;
  • A 20-year expansion limitation condition northeast of Highway 99E;
  • Creating a 230 acre Urban Reserve east of the intersection of Butteville Road N.E. and Parr Road N.E.;
  • Excludes approximately 121 acres of residential land south of Crosby Road;
  • Excludes approximately 14 acres of residential land east of Highway 99E.

“This is a big deal for the Woodburn community. Countless hours have been spent developing a solution,” said Derickson. “As the process moved forward, I was encouraged everyone at the table wanted to bring this controversy to an acceptable conclusion. I am optimistic our efforts will be successful.”