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Josie Savaria-Watson
Fri, 08/28/2015 - 1:59pm

Goal 1 in Oregon’s Statewide Planning Goals & Guidelines calls for a “citizen-involvement program that ensures the opportunity for citizens to be involved in all phases of the land use planning process.” The problem, we see now, is that underrepresented communities are unable to access decision-makers who will have real impact in these individual's lives. Initiatives and decisions are being made every day, and are lacking the input of people who have a unique and relevant perspective but may not know, or are unable, to share it. As a Junior in...

Sam Diaz

Sam Diaz recently sat down with Allison Giffin and Jerry Chia-Rui Chang to get an inside scoop on this year’s Gerhardt and Duke Engage Interns. 

The Paul Gerhardt Jr. Internship

Before I introduce our 2015 Gerhardt Intern, let me introduce Paul Gerhardt, Jr. Paul began working at 1000 Friends in 1981, taking the role of Senior Planner in 1982 at the age of 24. In the creation stages...

Pam Phan & Christine Corrales

Housing affordability has become a focal concern for many Oregonians. Across communities, finding a place to live that fits within a family's budget has become much more challenging in recent years. Cities throughout Oregon have reported historically low vacancy rates, a common measure for the health of the housing market. Higher vacancy rates indicate more housing options – and often lower rents as a result. While those looking to buy a home are seeing the highest list prices on record in Oregon. 

Both renters and those looking to buy a home have...

Mary Kyle McCurdy

1000 Friends of Oregon applauds the recommendation of Metro's Chief Operating Officer that Metro not expand the regional urban growth boundary (UGB) in 2015, but instead focus on how to grow better inside the UGB. The recommendation points out that the region has enough land inside the UGB for the next 20 years' worth of population and employment growth, and then states:

"It is time for our region to move on from the land supply debate and consider actions that will:

  • Improve wages;
  • Reduce transportation costs;
  • Provide a greater...
Mary Kyle McCurdy

The 2015 Oregon legislative session proved to be quite active on land use issues. 1000 Friends staff tracked over 300 bills and testified on dozens of them. Your financial support enabled us to be in Salem, working closely with allied groups and legislators to defend and improve the land use program. This support also meant we could keep in touch with all of you, letting you know when your voice was critically needed in Salem. Together, we were able to pass a few improvements and defeat many threats to the land use program. However, some other...

Mary Kyle McCurdy

Land Use Goal 10 requires that all cities provide residential land zoned to meet the housing needs of all Oregonians. During the 2015 legislative session, 1000 Friends worked with a coalition of organizations, individuals, local governments, and businesses that care about affordable housing in an attempt to pass House Bill 2564, which would have enabled local governments to use inclusionary zoning to provide housing opportunities for all, in every neighborhood. Local governments from Hood River to Lincoln County and Corvallis to Milwaukie supported HB 2564.


Jason Miner

If you are taking off in July or August, three books hitting the shelves this summer may give you a deeper appreciation for the work of land use planning in Oregon.
First, The Oregon Trail: A New American Journey by Rinker Buck revisits the trail, navigating it in a covered wagon. Whether your family came in a prairie schooner or watched the prairie schooners arrive, the book is a modern journey that casts light on the history of the trail. Perhaps the struggle that...

Sam Diaz

This month, 1000 Friends of Oregon turns its attention to Washington County. Sam Diaz, Community Engagement Coordinator, sat down with Jenny Cadigan, Executive Director of Westside Transportation Alliance and Rae-Leigh Stark, Program Manager, to chat about Commove...