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Mary Kyle McCurdy
Mon, 09/17/2018 (All day)

September 17, 2018

Metro Council President Hughes
Metro Council
600 NE Grand Ave
Portland, OR 97232

Re:  2018 Growth Management Decision: Chief Operating Office Recommendation

Dear President Hughes and Council Members:

1000 Friends of Oregon supported the new structure that Metro is using to evaluate whether an expansion of the regional urban growth boundary (UGB) is needed and, if so, into which part of the urban reserves and under what conditions that expansion should take place.  This structure, and our support for it, has been almost a decade in the making, including: helping to develop and get passed legislative authorization for the region to adopt urban and rural reserves; participating in all levels of the decision-making leading to final designation of rural and urban reserves; supporting altering the time frame within which Metro can consider overall UGB expansions; and now participating in decisions about whether to...

Alyson Marchi-Young
Wed, 08/29/2018 (All day)
 Mike McCarthy | Barbara Bond

Imagine returning home to Hood River after years away, ready to start an orchard on your family's land, only to discover that a giant resort was in the works for next door. In 1980, that's exactly what happened to Mike McCarthy. In an instant, he became a land use advocate. Now, thirty-eight years later, he is our incoming Board President, and this is his Oregon Story.

The Hood River Valley, home of the Fruit Loop, is one of the most productive fruit-growing regions in the country – pears,...

Greg Holmes
Wed, 08/29/2018 (All day)
Cannabis Grow | Canna Law Blog

Newly legalized cannabis growers are settling in across Oregon. This has been seen as a positive step for legalization proponents, and a challenge for some local communities as they experience a shift in what’s grown from food to cannabis.  

In the November 2017 edition of Oregon Stories we reported on a year-long effort led by the Rogue Valley Food System Network (RVFSN) to facilitate conversations around the coexistence of cannabis and food production in southern Oregon. Speakers at a...

Russ Hoeflich
Mon, 07/30/2018 (All day)

Under the shade of the oldest tree in Yamhill County, past and present board members of 1000 Friends of Oregon gathered last Saturday for a heartfelt Summer Celebration in honor of 45 years of defending the state’s unique and powerful land use laws.  In 1974, our first Board of Directors convened to support the shared vision of our co-founders, Governor Tom McCall and attorney Henry Richmond, to protect Oregon’s working lands, iconic landscapes, and livable cities by implementing legislation that would cement a bright future for our glorious state.

On July 14th, 2018 Henry and Ruth Richmond graciously hosted eighty-five of our past and present board members and land use leaders in celebration of what 1000 Friends has achieved, and in excitement for what lies ahead.  The...

Carol Zhou
Mon, 07/30/2018 (All day)

Meet our 2018 DukeEngage Intern

Carol at Cannon Beach for a day trip with the DukeEngage 2018 cohort

Long yearning for an opportunity to engage in service for the environment, I joined the DukeEngage program in Portland for a summer internship working at 1000 Friends. DukeEngage is a service-learning summer program initiated by Duke University that sends students across the country and overseas to spend eight weeks working in communities to help address local issues. The Portland project focuses on partnering with nonprofit organizations to tackle with conservation and urban sustainability. Among several outstanding community partners, I chose 1000 Friends because I am...

Mon, 07/30/2018 (All day)

When you think of summer in Oregon, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s an escape to our glorious public coastline. A float down a river greenway. A hike through the forest. An outdoor concert in a city park. Or maybe it’s a bowl of ripe red Oregon-grown cherries, freshly picked from an orchard just down the road.

As an Oregonian, you’re probably thinking, “Why choose? Doesn’t our fabulous statewide land use planning system give us all those things?”

Okay...maybe that’s not exactly what you’re thinking. (Though it’s true!) Maybe you’re thinking something more like this:

What do cherries have to do with 1000 Friends of Oregon?

I’m so glad you asked! The answer is, “Everything....

Ashlee K. Fox
Tue, 07/24/2018 (All day)
Owl flying above wildfire. Photo Credit: US Fish and Wildlife Service

Wildfires are part of life in Oregon. They are a natural part of the ecosystem, and they are important for wildlife habitat and for building long-term fire resistance among trees. But fires have also changed over the last 100 years or so. Today, wildfires are burning more acres, burning at higher temperatures, and...

Greg Holmes
Thu, 06/28/2018 (All day)
Cherry Creek Apartments in Medford have 50 1 - 3 bedroom homes for low-income community members.
Photo Credit: Housing Authority of Jackson County

Earlier this month Medford became the latest city in Oregon to establish a Construction Excise Tax (CET) to help fund affordable housing projects. The tax became effective when the state approved (acknowledged) the city’s urban growth boundary expansion proposal.

Amid growing concern about how the state’s housing crisis was impacting Medford residents, the Medford City Council convened a “Housing Advisory Committee” to study the...