Jackson County Planning Commission to Consider Medford Urban Reserves

The Jackson County Planning Commission meets tonight, Thursday, January 27, to hear from citizens about the proposed urban reserves for Medford, part of the county's ongoing Regional Problem Solving long-term planning process. The reserves will direct potential UGB expansion for the next 50 years in the Bear Creek Valley.

The meeting will be held at 6:00pm in the Auditorium of the Jackson County Offices, 10 South Oakdale Avenue in Medford.

1000 Friends of Oregon, along with our friends at Rogue Advocates and Friends of Jackson County, has deep concerns about the proposed urban reserves, including the inclusion of about 1,200 acres of high-quality farmland are included as potential urban reserves throughout the county.

To learn more about the RPS process and its implications for the future of balance and beauty in the Rogue Valley, please see our topic website. Learn more about the Jackson County hearing schedule here.