1000 Friends encourages you to participate in the next Bend Urban Growth Boundary Remand Task Force (RTF) meeting: Thursday, July 28, 3-5 pm. This is an opportunity to provide feedback to the key decision makers tasked with carrying out the remand order regarding specific line items of the remand.

About the RTF:

On January 19, 2011, the Bend City Council approved a motion to form a special task force comprised of three City Councilors and two Bend Planning Commissioners - referred to as the Remand Task Force (RTF) to act as official review body to assist staff in addressing issues raised in the UGB remand order, and to help form a recommendation to the full City Council.  The City Council also approved the appointment of City Councilors Jodie Barram, Jim Clinton, and Tom Greene along with Planning Commissioners Kevin Keillor and Cliff Walkey to the RTF.

The mission of the UGB RTF is to make recommendations to the City Council regarding responses to all issues raised in the LCDC remand order requiring action by the governing body.  The City Council's final consideration of actions in response to the remand order, during formal public hearings, will be based on recommendations made by the RTF and on public input.

What: RTF monthly meeting

When: Late July - exact date TBA

Where: Bend City Council Chambers; 710 NW Wall Stree, Bend, OR 97701

More information: To learn more about the specifics of the remand order, visit: http://www.ci.bend.or.us/depts/community_development/ugb_expansion_information.html

Event Date: 
Thu, 07/28/2011 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm