Grants Pass Neighborhood Centers Public Workshop: Revised Concept Plan and Implementation Tools

When: Thursday, June 14, 6:30 p.m.
Where: Redwood Elementary School Cafeteria
3163 Leonard Road

What is the Workshop?
The workshop is a chance for you to review and provide input on the revised neighborhood center concept plans. The workshop will consist of a two‐part PowerPoint presentation to:
• Review the Project Purpose
• Review the Goals and Guiding Principles identified in Public Workshop #1
• Review comments and preferences for neighborhood centers concepts from Workshop #2
• Review a neighborhood centers preferred concept and implementation tools

The second part of the presentation will be followed by a group exercise to discuss the revised land use and street circulation elements associated with the neighborhood centers concepts, and offer suggestions for modifications or improvements.

What is a Neighborhood Center?
Grants Pass' neighborhood center concept is a hub of small‐scale retail and commercial uses that offer day‐to‐day goods and services used by its surrounding residents. The hub is supported by residents within a convenient five‐minute walk (1/4 mile), a five‐minute bike ride (1‐mile), and a short auto trip.
The success of the hub and surroundings is determined by the location and arrangement of homes and businesses and the design of the streets. Help us plan for safe, walkable neighborhoods within five minutes of local neighborhood shops and businesses.

Why Now?
The Neighborhood Centers project is part of the Grants Pass Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) planning effort and won’t happen overnight. It takes time to go through a process with substantial public involvement and put together plans that balance many individual and community‐wide issues.

Your comments, suggestions, and preferences for neighborhood center elements will inform plans to best meet the 20‐year needs for areas recommended for inclusion in the UGB.

Why Neighborhood Centers?
Neighborhood Centers are part of the planning to meet needs for the next 20 years. They provide an opportunity to more closely examine and better plan for coordinated street circulation, land use (residential, commercial, employment, etc.), and open space at a small district level than typically occurs through a more general comprehensive plan.

Together with several other measures, the neighborhood centers are intended to meet the same land use needs that must be met in the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB), but in a way that would together help reduce the size of the UGB expansion by approximately 350 acres, use infrastructure more cost‐effectively, and provide land use and transportation options to help reduce the number and length of auto trips. Less time in traffic, and less dollars in the gas tank, means more time to spend as you choose, and more dollars spent locally.

How Does This Relate to the Public Hearings on the UGB?
The workshops are intended to obtain input and help develop plans that will later be considered through public hearings. At this time, Neighborhood Center plans are not scheduled for public hearings for adoption. They will be considered later as part of the land use plan through separate public hearings with separate public hearing notice. The upcoming public hearings are to consider the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) location.

Call the Grants Pass Community Development Department at (541) 474‐6355, or visit the City Neighborhood Centers website.

Language from City of Grants Pass workshop announcement, edited for clarity.

Event Date: 
Thu, 06/14/2012 - 6:30pm