House Committee on Rural Communities, Land Use, and Water
State Capitol
900 Court Street NE
Salem, OR 97301
March 3, 2015
RE: HB 2830
Chair Clem and members of the committee:
Thank you for this opportunity to present testimony supporting HB 2830. 1000 Friends of Oregon is a nonprofit, membership organization that works with Oregonians to support livable urban and rural communities; protect family farms, forests and natural areas; and provide transportation and housing choice.
We support HB 2830. Currently, when a case is remanded to a local government from the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) it can sit indefinitely at the local government as a zombie approval – partially alive because it was approved at the local level and partially dead because LUBA remanded the case. The only way to reanimate or terminate the zombie is at the request of the applicant. HB 2830 would simply ensure that the appellant would also be able to start the clock for the local government to make a final decision on the application so the zombie would not remain in an undead state indefinitely.
We ask you to support HB 2830.
Respectfully submitted,
Steven D. McCoy
Farm and Forest Staff Attorney