The Land Conservation and Development Commission will meet in Lincoln City on April 21-23 at City Hall. LCDC is the 7-citizen volunteer commission that guides land use policy in Oregon and they rotate their meetings around the state to maximize opportunities for citizen participation.

The agenda (available here) includes both formal and informal opportunities for you to get to know your LCDC commissioners and to share your thoughts about land use and transportation issues in your region. Below are some agenda topics that may be of interest:

Wednesday, April 21st, 12:30 - 3pm: Tour of the Lincoln City area:
The tour will begin at City Hall, 801 Highway 101 and will last approximately three hours. Seating is limited and preference will be given to invited guests. Members of the public and the media may attend as space allows or may provide their own transportation. To RSVP, contact Lisa Howard at (503) 373-0050 ext. 271 or

Wednesday, April 21st, 3:30 - 5pm - Roundtable Discussion of Local and Regional Land Use Issues:
The Roundtable will be held at City Hall, Council Chambers, 801 SW Highway 101, Lincoln City. For additional information, contact Lisa Howard at (503) 373-0050 ext. 271,

Thursday, April 22nd, 8:15 a.m.- Public Comment:

Citizens are invited to comment on agenda topics that are not otherwise scheduled for public hearings on the regular agenda. You will be given about three minutes to speak in a formal session and your comments will be on the record.

Thursday, April 22nd, 9a.m. - Public Hearing and Possible Adoption of Proposed Permanent Rules Regarding the Metolius Area of Critical State Concern Management Plan:

The purpose of this rules to adopt the management plan for the Metolius Area of Critical State Concern in new Division 43 Areas of Critical State Concern. The legislature approved the management plan under House Bill 3298, and directed LCDC to adopt the plan, by administrative rule, with no changes, except for three specific changes contained in the legislation. For additional information, contact Michael Morrissey at (503) 373-0050 ext. 320,

Thursday, April 22nd - Update on Measure 49:

The department will report to the commission regarding the status of the Measure 49 Services Division process, including recent trends on the department's issuance of preliminary evaluations and final orders. For additional information, contact Judith Moore at (503) 373-0050 ext. 373,

Thursday April 22nd - Public Hearing and Possible Adoption of Proposed Temporary Administrative
Rules and Rule Amendments to Implement Senate Bill 1049 – Relating to Ballot Measure 37/49 Claims:

The proposed temporary rules and amendments to OAR 660, Division 41, add one new rule that addresses DLCD coordination with counties for purposes of identifying claims that are the subject of Section 6 of Senate Bill (SB) 1049. Other rules and amendments provide for fee collection and process for SB 1049 claims, clarify that the same notification standards apply to authorizations for single dwellings under SB 1049 as applied to authorizations for home site approvals, and update the department’s explanation of the lawfully permitted analyses that were affected by SB 1049 as they pertain to pre-acknowledgment and post-acknowledgment claims with no minimum lot sizes. For additional information, contact either Michael Morrissey at (503) 373-0050 ext. 320,; or Judith Moore at (503) 373-0050 ext. 373,

Event Date: 
Wed, 04/21/2010 (All day) - Thu, 04/22/2010 (All day)