Nominate an Emerging Leader (or yourself!)

1000 Friends is currently accepting applications for our 2013 Land Use Leadership Initiative. Participation in this program as an emerging leader entails attending monthly events, contributing to a shared final product that assesses opportunities to improve land use and transportation planning processes and outcomes and makes recommendations for future action. A cohort of 15-20 emerging leaders will be selected to participate in this unique forum and series of events designed to cultivate the next generation of leaders who are committed to enhancing their own understanding of land use and transportation policy, and taking on future leadership roles to advocate for more equitable and sustainable policies, process, and outcomes in the Portland Metro region and at the state level. The commitment will consist of 5-10 hours per month attending group discussions, participating in online forums, and assisting in the creation of a shared product of the group.

Who do you know who is committed to advancing sustainable communities in the Portland Metro region who could benefit from participating in this initiative? Nominate below!

Please let the nominee know about the program and have them visit and encourage them to apply at once you've nominated them below. Applications are due by midnight on January 8th, 2013.