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The wheat is golden, peaches and Hermiston melons are ripe, and Oregon's cities and towns are busy with festivals celebrating everything from local crops to good beer and wine to Shakespeare. It is high summer in Oregon. We hope you are enjoying it.

Summer is a great time to seek new views on seemingly familiar places, like taking a different route to your destination or hiking a new trail. In this month's Oregon Stories, we share some items that provide new insight into the present and future of several of Oregon's regions, including:

All that, plus some great upcoming events and recent social media highlights.

As always, thanks for all you do for Oregon—enjoy the rest of your summer!

-The team at 1000 Friends of Oregon

Event Recap: Matt Love on Oregon's Coast—Past, Present, Future

Last Thursday, August 8, we visited Lincoln City for an evening with coastal author and educator Matt Love. Matt has written extensively about the Oregon Coast's characters and qualities. As we mark the centennial of both Oregon's public beach protections and Gov. Tom McCall's birth, Matt presented a challenge to our audience: if we are inspired by the example others set before us on the Oregon Coast, it is up to us to continue the hard work to protect this extraordinary place.

See what Matt Love said in Lincoln City

Matt Love in Lincoln City

Peeling Back the Layers: Exploring the Regional Equity Atlas 2.0

This week our staff was introduced to a new tool that is sure to provide new depth to our understanding of the Portland region's challenges and communities. The Regional Equity Atlas 2.0 was released this summer by the Coalition for a Livable Future, of which 1000 Friends is a founding member. The interactive mapping tool provides access to over 80 indicators of regional health, environmental quality, affordability, and more--all of which can be layered and visualized in a myriad of ways. It is a hugely valuable tool--check it out!

Check out the Equity Atlas 2.0

Regional Equity Atlas Screengrab

Opening the Door to Inclusive Housing: Our Letter to The Oregonian

A recent study has sparked a lot of discussion about the connections between sprawl, income mobility, and equity. After The Oregonian expressed concern about whether our state's neighborhoods are too segregated economically, we joined OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon to share an effective tool that Oregon communities currently can't use to fix this situation. That tool is called "inclusionary zoning." Though it died in the last legislative session, we remain committed to bringing this tool to Oregon communities.

Read our letter to the Oregonian

Opening the door

Previewing the "King of Trails": 1000 Friends Joins Scenic Columbia Gorge Ride

Our Communications Coordinator was fortunate to join a ride through one of Oregon's most iconic landscapes August 1. The Policymakers Ride explored the Historic Columbia River Highway, including new sections of trail that will finally get bicycle riders from Troutdale to Cascade Locks without riding on a I-84's shoulder. What's next? A goal to get to Hood River by 2016, when the historic highway--once called the King of Roads--turns 100. Blogger Jonathan Maus posted great pictures and a recap on his site.

See photo from the King of Trails

Riders in the Gorge

Land Use Trail

This Month on the Land Use Trail: Visiting Special Oregon Places

Throughout the summer, we'll be virtually visiting stops on our new Land Use Trail and sharing some fun tidbits about what makes these places special, whether they are Signature Natural Places, Thriving Working Landscapes, Great Communities, or examples of our Land Use Roots.

This month we paid a visit to the following places. Click on any to learn more.


French Prairie

Grande Ronde Valley

Smith Rock

Your Land Use Trail: Share Your Favorite Places

We had to limit our picks to just 40 places. But we want to hear your ideas about else should be on the Trail! So far, we've heard great ideas from Opal Creek to Jacksonville, Brookings to the Pringle Creek Community in Salem. We'll be making a second Land Use Trail map featuring your ideas.

So tell us: What's on your Land Use Trail?

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Upcoming Events

Friends of French Prairie "Farm Feast"
Sunday, August 18
Reception: 6-7 PM, Dinner: 7-9 PM
Newell House Museum, 8089 Champoeg Rd NE
Cost: $45 per person. Advance registration required.
Register at

Sponsored by Friends of French Prairie, the annual Farm Feast celebrates farming and food grown in the productive French Prairie region. The event is comprised of a wine and cheese hour, a full course dinner with wine and dessert, and a silent auction/raffle/  Help celebrate local agriculture from French Prairie. View menu and event details here.

McCall Society Speaker Series: PSU President Wim Wiewel
Wednesday evening, October 16
Reception: 5:30 PM, Presentation/Q&A: 6-7 PM
The Augen Gallery
716 NW Davis St., Portland

Save the date for this engaging evening with one of Portland's most interesting new residents. PSU President Wim Wiewel, whose academic credentials include a degree in urban planning, will share thoughts about the civic, cultural, and educational life of the city. More info here.

Check out our calendar to stay up-to-date on all our upcoming events around the state.

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August 9
Photo trivia time! Do you know where this train was running when this photo was taken in the 1960s? Hint: it's a place that's on our Land Use Trail, but not in the form depicted here. For hints, check out the list at

July 30
Applesauce maker could bring 150-230 jobs to an abandoned RV factory in Coburg. This is Oregon's farm economy in action.

July 24
Your car's bedroom is bigger than your bedroom...just one of many surprising facts from this great new infographic from Sightline Institute.

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August 13
To control health costs, build sidewalks, argues @Crosscut:

August 8
On our way to Lincoln City, a stop at Fort Yamhill state park, where an OSU archaeological dig is finding great artifacts

August 7
Remembering Gene Thiel, a quiet @portlandfarmers Mkt icon who drove 600 miles to sell potatoes every week. #ORag

In an inspiring move, @ChefVitalyPaley & over 30 PDX chefs teaming up for a fundraiser to support Thiel's farm. #ORag

August 6
"The government in the past created one American Dream at the expense of almost all others." That dream's obsolete:

August 5
As pedestrian fatalities rise in US, @USDOT unveils new campaign and a scant $2M grant program. It's a start, but...

July 31
School #Sprawl: When kids have to "walk across 15 lanes of active traffic" to get to school, we've got a problem.

July 30
60% of Portland's growth since 2005 is "low-car." Seattle, 40%. In Austin, just 13% Excellent reporting, @andersem.

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Photo credits:
Header: Wheat harvest near Wasco by ODOT. Creative Commons.
Kiger Gorge, Steens Mountain (Land Use Trail backdrop): Christopher Cotrell. Creative Commons.
Atlas Screengrab: Proximity to Supermarkets from the Equity Atlas 2.0, courtesy Coalition for a Livable Future.
Matt Love event: Craig Beebe.
Opening the door: Bee Collins. Creative Commons.
Bike riders at Crown Point: Craig Beebe.