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November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving Edition: On Oregon's Table, and the World's

What will be on your Thanksgiving table this year? Odds are, some of what you'll be eating came from not too far away.

With just a week to go to Thanksgiving, this month's newsletter is dedicated to saying thanks to the people and the farmland that contributes so much to Oregon: to our tables, to our quality of life, and to our economy.

How big is this impact? We've broken it all down into a great infographic that you won't want to miss. Also this month, we visit two farmers outside Troutdale, profile several food processors who get Oregon food to market, and highlight an important victory for farming in eastern Oregon.

A strong Oregon depends on its farmers. We hope you'll say thanks with us.

Top of infographic

Field to Fork: Oregon Farming's Undeniable Impact, in One Chart

With Thanksgiving coming, we wanted to dig in to the full impact of Oregon farming--this time of year and all year round. So we took a look at some common Thanksgiving table items to see how much is grown and consumed here in Oregon. We also brought together a whole bunch of other surprising facts about Oregon agriculture. We put it in one very attractive graphic (glimpse at right). You won't want to miss this--and you'll definitely want to share it. Check out the incredible impact of Oregon farming, in one compelling graphic.

Check out the Field to Fork Graphic

A small snapshot of the infographic

Farmer Profile: Dancing Roots Farm, Troutdale

The impressive numbers behind Oregon's farm economy don't create themselves. Behind every dollar and every pound of produce collected are farmers and workers of all kinds. Among the hardest-working and most energetic are family farmers Shari Sirkin and Bryan Dickerson of Dancing Roots Farm. We paid a visit to this thriving farm at the western end of the Columbia River Gorge, where Shari and Bryan eagerly shared their story and armloads of produce to taste! Come along for a tour!

Take a tour of Dancing Roots Farm

Bryan Dickerson and Shari Sirkin of Dancing Roots

Adding Value: Three Oregon Food Processors Who Make an Impact

Oregon agriculture's economic impact begins in the fields, orchards, and rangeland of Oregon farms and ranches. But before going to market and finding its way to our plates, much of it is processed and transformed by small companies throughout urban and rural areas of the state--a total of over 40,000 jobs. Processors come in a variety of forms, from the very small to the very large. Intern Anna Markley looked into a few exemplary processors around the state. Learn about how these entrepreneurs help bring Oregon's produce to our tables.

Meet Three Oregon Food Processors

Fresh n'Local Foods' Evann Remington

Stand for Oregon! Give!Guide 2012

1000 Friends is proud to be a featured nonprofit in Willamette Week's 2012 Give!Guide, joining 110 Oregon nonprofits doing good work in the community in this unique charitable drive. We've teamed up with Pedal Bike Tours to provide a bunch of great prizes for those who give to us. Plus, we have a really cute video in which an adorable Oregon native describes why land use planning is important to her. Check it all out--the video, the prizes, the reasons to give--at friends.org/giveguide. And join in the giving before December 31 at wweek.com/giveguide.

See our Give!Guide video and more!

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Support Our Work

Proud of Oregon agriculture and Oregon farmland? Say thanks with us.

Consider a visit to our online donation page to help us protect it.

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Upcoming Events

Give!Guide Young Donor Day
Tuesday, December 4, all day
Give at wweek.com/giveguide

1000 Friends is pleased to be featured in Willamette Week's 2012 Give!Guide. This year we've got a bunch of great drawings with tours from Pedal Bike Tours and Oregon wine. But if you are under 36 and give on or before this day, you'll be eligible for a special prize: two tickets to our annual Tom McCall Legacy Gala in Portland March 1. Learn more at friends.org/giveguide.

Monthly Buzz: Central Oregon Update
Thursday, December 6, 8:30-9:30 AM
The Environmental Center, Bend

Join our Central Oregon staff for our monthly check-in on land use happenings and advocacy opportunities in the Central Oregon region. This monthly conversation is growing every time we hold it! Learn more here.

Save the Date: Tom McCall Legacy Gala, March 1, 2013
Friday evening, March 1, 2013
The Benson Hotel, Portland

We're pleased to announce the date of our 2013 annual Tom McCall Legacy Gala. There's a lot to celebrate in 2013, the 40th anniversary of land use planning and the centennial of Gov. Tom McCall's birth. You won't want to miss this event. Mark your calendar now, and stay tuned for more details.

Check out our calendar to stay up-to-date on all our upcoming events around the state.

Regional Updates

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1000 Friends of Oregon has regional offices around the state. Our regional staff work with local residents and elected officials on issues important to their communities.

To find out what 1000 Friends is working on in your region of the state, click on the appropriate image to the right.

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November 12th
Wow, our Willamette Week Give!Guide video has now surpassed 300 views! If you haven't seen it, watch it on our site here: friends.org/giveguide. And if you agree with our vision for Oregon, please support it by giving to 1000 Friends at wweek.com/giveguide and sharing our video. Thanks!

November 2nd
Oregon Friday photo trivia time! Can you ID the town whose Main Street is depicted in this 1918 photo? Here's a hint: It was once known as "East Butte," before its name was changed to the surname of a town co-founder in the 1880s.

October 25th
The folks at Uncage the Soul do it again: a stunning timelapse video of the northwest's National Forests and the Columbia Gorge NSA, created for the US Forest Service. http://ow.ly/eLKhs

October 24th
Looks to be a good year for Oregon wine!

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November 10th
Excited to join @WPCWalks , now @OregonWalks, tonight at the Weston Awards. An important partner in our work for a healthier Oregon.

November 9th
Why we do this work: a great pair of videos about agriculture/planning in #Oregon and#VanWA from @cookingupastory. ow.ly/faOeR

November 8th
Voters #inBend made a big step for livability and transportation options by passing bond for parks and trails Tuesday. ow.ly/f8xjh

November 6th
Recapping @TomHughesMetro's thoughts re @oregonmetro transportation study, adding a few of our own. Why options matter:ow.ly/f4Pts.

November 2nd
Congrats to Lidwien Rahman of @oregondot's Transportation & Growth Mgmt program on winning a @OregonWalks "Weston Award"! ow.ly/eYKcs

November 2nd
"Grow Yamhill County" seeks econ dvpt. Our advice: start w/ farming (already growing!) and small biz in town centers. ow.ly/eYCbj

October 31st
Excited to see @nwfilmcenter screening classic 1962 Willamette River documentary "Pollution in Paradise," featuring Tom McCall, on Nov 14.

October 31st
Read this story. RT @PortlandAfoot: Finding a low-car apartment in Portland is about to get easier. Our story says why. bit.ly/W7rlB6

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Photo credits:
Header and Shari Sirkin/Bryan Dickerson: Dancing Roots Farm, Copyright Shawn Linehan Photography. Used with permission.
Infographic: Julianna Bach and Anna Markley.
Evann Remington: Ted Sweeney.