Share Your Favorite Oregon Main Street!

When Travel + Leisure magazine recently wrote about "America's 25 Greatest Main Streets", they forgot to include one from Oregon! We think that's a major oversight. Many of Oregon's towns and neighborhoods have great Main Streets with plenty of variety, walkability, and historic character (though of course they don't all have the name Main!).

So we thought we'd open it up to Oregonians to share their favorites. Maybe it's in a small town, like Redmond (right), or it's in a neighborhood in a bigger place, like Whiteaker in Eugene or Woodstock in Portland. Fill out the poll below and upload a photo if you'd like. We'll share some of the favorites on our website in the future. Questions or further comments? Write to

Thanks for sharing!

Note: Your favorite Main Street doesn't have to have the name "Main", of course!

If you would like, you may upload a photo of your favorite Oregon Main Street. (Max 4 MB) Note: We may use your photo in an upcoming compilation of submissions. If you'd prefer we don't, please note that in the comments box below. Thanks!

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