This election year, Oregon voters have many decisions to make on their ballots. 1000 Friends of Oregon has endorsed campaigns that are actively working towards livable communities for all Oregonians. Get to know the issues and join us in voting YES for Measure 102 and Measure 26-199 (Metro only), and NO on Measure 105


1000 Friends endorses Yes for Affordable Housing to build more safe, reliable, and needed housing for Oregonians. This includes Measure 26-199, a Metro regional government bond measure to build new affordable homes and renovate existing homes for over 7,500 low-income people, including seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities. Measure 26-199 would build housing for up to 12,000 people if the statewide Measure 102 passes as well. 

Measure 102 would lift the current ban on the ability of local governments to work with non-profits and local businesses to build affordable housing with bonds. This means that local housing dollars can go further and help even more people find homes they can afford.  

With statistics from the National Low Income Housing Coalition showing the average wage earning Oregonian cannot afford rent for a one-bedroom apartment, we as a community have to provide pro-housing policies and funding to ensure everyone has a roof over their heads, especially those who are rent burdened. 

This election vote YES for Measure 102 and Measure 26-199.

Pledge your support here. 


Measure 105 could open the door to racial profiling and harassment because someone is perceived to be an undocumented immigrant. The measure would throw out Oregon's decades old sanctuary law, which was passed with bi-partisan support. 1000 Friends endorses the No on Measure 105 campaign led by One Oregon and Oregonians United Against Racial Profiling.

Measure 105 is contrary to state land use Goal 1, which calls for broad public involvement in land use decision-making. We believe that all Oregonians, immigrant or not, deserve to have a say in their quality of life and access to livable urban and rural communities. At 1000 Friends of Oregon, this is part of our mission. Any law that would open any Oregonian to being harassed, intimidated, detained, or arrested simply for appearing to be an immigrant is an offense to our mission and values, and we unite with those who stand against it. Read our full statement here.

Join us in voting NO on Measure 105.

Interested in getting involved? Oregonians Against Racial Profiling is looking for volunteers.